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February 2008
Remote Deposit Capture Creates Market Segmentation Opportunities

Where a bank has superior offerings for specific market segments, RDC can enable the bank to serve customers throughout the country. These may be existing offerings or new offerings created to address the needs of segments inside and/or outside the bank's traditional trading area.

RDC is not a panacea. However, it is a way to remove the objection that the bank's branches are not convenient, provided in all other respects the banks offerings (product, price, and service) are attractive. When the potential customer is located somewhat beyond the traditional branch footprint, reducing routine branch visits through RDC may be sufficient to get the business. At greater distance, RDC must be supplemented by other means for replacing nearly all branch interactions.

Targeted segments predominately will come from a set of non-cash businesses. We have identified a set based on payment practices; and for each segment have data on the number of firms by employee size, average check size and number of checks handled. Identifying the most appropriate target segments for an individual bank would involve the following for each segment in the set:

   1. Determine the number of firms and where they are located (in existing markets, regional, national);
   2. Identify the unique banking and information needs of the segment;
   3. Determine the nature of competition (e.g. community banks, national players with generic offerings, players with industry
       specific offerings);
   4. Determine how well the segments needs are currently being met;
   5. Are there facilitators to getting to the market (e.g. industry associations, vendors to joint market with, etc.);
   6. For those segments that appear attractive, determine how well existing bank offerings fit segment needs, and what
       investment would be needed to make them acceptable/superior; and
   7. For the best target segments develop a business case.


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