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Lighthouse is a group of experienced senior professionals with
the capability to address complex multi-disciplinary issues. Our
consulting philosophy is quite simple. We believe:

• Tangible results are the most important part of a project.

• Clients are best served when senior professional staff is actively
  involved with client issues and work closely with client executives
  and staff.

• Clients should not have to spend time and money educating the

• Subject matter, process methodology, and change management
  expertise are all-important skills a consultant should bring to an

Lighthouse Consulting Group, LLC
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Consulting and Licensing inquiries:
Robert Popadic, President
Robert Popadic
Bob is president of Lighthouse Consulting Group, LLC, and has over 25 years of experience consulting to the financial services industry, its institutions, associations, and vendors. He also serves as a litigation expert in economic and financial matters. Over the past few seven years he has expanded his payments activities to remote deposit capture (RDC), including leading the team that developed CheckFaxRDC and CheckScanRDC, solutions that allow small and home businesses receiving 100 or fewer checks per month to make deposits to their bank using fax machines and general purpose scanners they already have. He is a former bank executive (State Street Corporation) with experience in IT, strategic planning, lending and leasing. Bob has a SB in electrical engineering from M.I.T. and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Lighthouse Consulting Group - Presiden Bob Popadic
Tom Gazda
Tom is a consultant with 25 years experience in applied science, product development and manufacturing. He combines technical expertise, market and operational assessment, and strategic factors to help organizations identify new product opportunities, make decisions on expanding production lines, solve product and process problems and to improve quality and productivity. He specializes in secure document technologies – checks, currency, certificates and ID cards.  He provides the CheckFaxRDC and CheckScanRDC team with expertise in materials, chemicals, printing and imaging technologies.  He was a member of the ANSI x9B Group that developed check fraud guidelines. Tom has a BA in chemistry from Saint Anselm College and a MS in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.
Tom Gazda - Lighthouse Consulting Group, LLC
Stu Lipoff
Stu has 30 years of experience as a technology and management consultant. Areas of focus include--public and private network voice and data communications, cable television, cellular mobile radio, broadcasting, security systems, image processing, broadband access technology, Internet applications, and consumer electronics. This includes the application of secure media and IT to the financial services industry. He provides the CheckFaxRDC and CheckScanRDC team with expertise in consumer electronics and security.  Stu has a BSEE from Lehigh University, a BS Engineering Physics from Lehigh University, an MSEE from Northeastern University, and an MBA from Suffolk University. He is an IEEE Fellow.
Stu Lipoff
Oleg Pohotsky
Oleg is a technology focused private equity and investment banking professional with financial, legal and engineering expertise.  He is an independent director of a number of publicly-traded, privately-held, venture-backed, and non-profit companies. He is an expert in corporate governance and strategy. He is the venture advisor on the CheckFaxRDC and CheckScanRDC team.  Oleg has a BSChE from Clarkson University, a JD from the University of Miami School of Law, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.
Oleg Pohotsky - Lighthouse Consulting Group, LLC
John Popadic
John is a software engineer and management consultant with both financial industries and computer behavioral engineering game development experience.  His banking experience includes participation on the design team for CheckFaxRDC, CheckScanRDC and other remote deposit capture solutions.  He has also developed market assessments and business cases. John has a BA in religion and philosophy from Wesleyan University and a MSc in evolutionary and adaptive systems from the University of Sussex (UK).

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