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A small and home business RDC solution using fax machines and MFDs (multi function devices) with Fax capability.  No PC required. Carriers convey checks and deposit information.  Three Easy Steps – enter deposit information, adhere checks, and fax. CheckFaxRDC software at the receiving end automatically crops, aligns, assesses image quality, pairs front and back images of checks, reads check and deposit data, relates and proves checks to the deposit, handles exceptions and sends the data into the RDC processors workflow.

• Ideal for small and home business depositing 100 or fewer checks per month

• No equipment to buy - use existing MFDs and fax machines

• Cost effective because users can pay on a per transaction basis

• Profitable for providers because users are willing to pay a significantly higher per 
  transaction fee than high volume depositors

• Deposit information can be touch tone entered  (option)

• Images of the carrier with checks attached can be scanned and sent as attachments to
  e-mails (option)

• Available carrier designs include one time and reusable versions; and designs that  
  incorporate deposit ticket information into the carrier, use special deposit tickets and use
  existing deposit tickets

• Carriers reduce redeposit errors as well as facilitate storage and timely destruction of

• CheckFaxRDC can be processed on a stand alone basis or be incorporated into an
  existing RDC offering.

LCG is looking for a partner to commercialize the IP, including pending patents. 
Contact Bob Popadic, President at 1-866-468-5855.

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