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Incorporated into existing PC based small business and home business general-purpose scanner RDC solutions, CheckCarrierRDC can significantly expand your market.  By using our carrier method, your offering will have a stronger appeal to small and home businesses that deposit more than an occasional check. CheckCarrierRDC allows the use of the automatic document feed (ADF) scanner function, enabling checks to be scanned more easily and quickly.  Without a carrier most ADFs cannot handle an item as small as a check.  Use of a carrier ensures check alignment, eliminating operator intervention and simplifying processing.  Perhaps most important, the CheckCarrierRDC unique identifier ensures that check fronts and back are correctly paired regardless of the order in which they are scanned.  CheckFaxRDC software can be incorporated into existing applications.

LCG is looking for a partner to commercialize the IP, including pending patents.  Contact Bob Popadic, President at 1-866-468-5855

• Ideal for small and home business depositing 100 or fewer checks per

• No equipment to buy - use existing MFDs and flat bed scanners

• Cost effective because users can pay on a per transaction basis

• Profitable for providers because users are willing to pay a significantly
   higher per transaction fee than high volume depositors

• Available carrier designs include one time and reusable versions; and
  designs that incorporate deposit ticket information into the carrier, use
  special deposit tickets and use existing deposit tickets

• Carriers reduce redeposit errors, as well as facilitate storage and timely
  destruction of checks

By incorporating both CheckCarrierRDC and CheckFaxRDC into your existing offering, you let customers make the choice of which existing device they want to use for RDC

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