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  Business Process Re-engineering

• Advised the structured finance group of a national rating agency on how to improve its
  technology and processes. Helped to develop requirement statements and evaluated the
  practicality of interim solutions.

• Improved international marketing to the financial services industry by developing marketing
  materials, and conducting sales training workshops across the country. Used proprietary
  techniques to develop The Presentation Tool Kit — "Global Delivery Services for the Financial
  Services Industry" which consisted of a manual and a CD-ROM based interactive slide show
  with presenter notes, that was dynamically customized to the needs and type of audience.

• Provided global expertise to an international consulting firm in redesign of the business
  processes of card service providers in Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. Our role was to provide
  the client and local case teams with industry expertise, as well as knowledge of practices in the
  U.S. and other countries.

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