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 System and Operations Planning

• A major bank was re-engineering its branches and asked us to provide an outside objective
  opinion of the program; and to support their project manager by advising on decisions, reviewing
  specifications/plans, evaluating technology employed, and performing monthly risk
  assessments. In addition, we provided detailed on site project management support.

• Helped a bank, which had recently acquired and consolidated the consumer loan operations of a
  number of other institutions make improvements in its loan origination process. Of particular
  importance was improving the center's ability to handle, at reasonable costs, fluctuating
  application volume levels, while still meeting customer performance expectations (e.g. error free
  process, time to approve application).

• Helped a South American bank and retail credit card processor develop specifications for
  selecting new credit card processing software, met with vendors and visited processors using
  the software in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and the United States.

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