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  Credit and Debit Cards

• Conducted an assessment of the desirability of the United States Postal Service accepting
  credit and/or debit cards at post office windows and vending machines. The study addressed
  consumer and business demand for the services, alternative approaches to delivering the
  service, customer service impacts, program economics (investment, revenue increases,
  operating costs, infrastructure and manpower requirements), and non-economic implications.

• Assisted a major oil company in evaluating the feasibility and desirability of outsourcing all or
  portions of its credit card activities.

• Assisted a Central European gasoline charge card issuer to identify and evaluate suitable
  diversification opportunities within this former Communist country. We identified card related
  opportunities and the capabilities required for success, profiled other national markets to identify
  transferable experience, assessed the company's core competencies in relation to the
  opportunities, and related this to the local market potential.

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