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  Payment Systems

• Assisted the United States Postal Service in responding to a Congressional inquiry concerning
  the feasibility of cashing federal, state, and local government checks at local post offices. The
  inquiry was motivated by a desire to improve the availability of reasonably priced check cashing
  for individuals who lack bank accounts. The study projected likely use at various price levels and
  identified the areas and post offices where demanded was likely to be the greatest. Various
  delivery scenarios from manual to totally electronic were explored, financial projections prepared,
  and the impact on the USPS and its service to existing customers evaluated.

• Recommended that a thrift, with offices in various parts of the country, outsource item (check)
  processing to a national vendor rather than re-engineer regional processing centers. The
  evaluation was based on cost, quality of customer service, and ability, longer term, to take
  advantage of vendor-supplied telecommunications and image technology.

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