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 Strategy Consulting

• Developed a mortgage strategy for a bank with a nationwide presence, through branches and a
  separate mortgage company that originated, serviced and held a portfolio of loans. We examined
  trends in the environment, profiled company capabilities, assessed its competitive position, and
  identified and evaluated practical strategic options.

• Assisted a major thrift that had undergone significant acquisitions and divestitures develop a
  deposit strategy. Recapped historical experience making adjustments for changes in the delivery
  system. Reviewed effectiveness of direct mail solicitation of checking accounts, CD pricing,
  branch program for managing local markets, and other deposit related programs.

• Assisted the financial services marketing group prepare a business plan for serving the
  international postal needs of this market segment. Critiqued the existing plan, gathered and
  analyzed industry data, estimated the size of the offshore market and their likely share,
  developed the value proposition and prepared the marketing plan.

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